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G & G Construction, Inc.
P.O. Box 838
Bailey, CO  80421

P: 303-816-0067
C: 303-913-3373
All contact information avaliable upon request:

Liz and Jeff Wood
Previous Construction/Remodel

John and Janet Simpson
Previous Construction

Mike and Debra Dungan
Previous New Home Construction

Barry and Vicki Henderson
Previous Construction/Remodel

Curt and Connie Fay
Current New Home Construction


Jeremy Wilson
Phone:  303-653-5072

Fowler Electric
Randy Fowler
Phone:  303-838-6773

Brad Garretson


We can do it all!
Why Choose Us?
G & G Construction, Inc.
1. We will build your dream.
2. We do top quality work while maitaining integrity and customer satisfaction.
3. Your satisfaction is  guaranteed.
"Whether you are considering building a new home or taking on a major home renovation project, Garrison Genshorck of G & G Construction is an easy choice. His high standards of professionalism, attention to details, honesty, and a willingness to listen to clients were demonstrated to us on every occasion during our project. We would be happy to refer anyone considering a new home project to G & G Construction. We believe they would be more than satisfied."
-Barry and Vicki Henderson